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Best Coffee in the North Shore

We suspected it was true, but your votes have confirmed it! Thanks for voting Jaho the best coffee in the North Shore in the BONS 2009!We were lucky enough to win both the Reader's Choice Award & Editor's Award. We will do our best to continue improving so that we may continue to meet your high expectations...

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Coffee Roasting 101

Lately, as I have been dealing a lot with coffee beans and watching my boss roast them, I realized that one of the things that I find most fascinating about the history of coffee is that people figured out the process of roasting in the first place. In order to...

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Coffee Origins: Kona

Recently, as Jaho has started roasting its own coffee, I have been exposed to new types. One of these that certainly demands attention is Kona coffee from Hawaii. This special bean is sought after all over the world for its rich flavor that is unlike anything else on the coffee...

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Getting Personal With Your Cup Of Coffee

Just like fine wines, gourmet coffee has its own specific types of guidelines that help us rate its quality. These guidelines outline a process called coffee cupping and it is coffee’s equivalent to wine tasting. This process is used for the buying and blending different coffees, so when it occurs...

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Success & Fair Trade!

Thank you everyone for your support with the new location! It's been just over two months since the new Jaho opened, and the response has been great so far. We've been roasting some really great batches and we're so confident, we are already getting ready to send some coffee samples...

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