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Iced Hanoi: Coffee Nectar From the Far East

"I don't usually drink sweetened coffee, but when I do, I drink Iced Hanoi." One of my favorite parts about traveling is trying out the different ways people prepare and drink coffee in different parts of the world. While I usually take my coffee black, one of my favorite coffee...

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Maneki Neko Barista!

I received a Maneki Neko from my home stay family in Japan this month in celebration of the upcoming opening of our third location in Boston's South End. Maneki Neko (招き猫), which means "Beckoning Cat" or "Lucky Cat" is a traditional Japanese sculpture thought to bring good luck to its...

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Coffee Painting

You can have coffee in your cake, coffee in your gelato, and coffee in your wonderfully art deco Miam Miam Mug, but have you ever thought about coffee on your wall? Artists world wide have begun dipping their brushes in coffee and covering their canvases with intricate masterpieces. Coffee painting...

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