Espresso Nero - Daterra Reserve

Region: Brazil
Farm: Daterra
Altitude: 3800 ft
Process: Wet Mill & Sun Dried
Varietal: Mundo Novo, Caturra

6/acidity 9/body 8/character

Tasting Notes

A Northern Italian style espresso. We take this to a darker roast, resulting in a full bodied espresso with plenty of dark chocolate, peppery notes. While many of our customers enjoy this on its own, we recommend using it in milk based beverages, where it sweetens up and gains some pleasant walnut, caramel notes.

About the Coffee

Daterra is well known in the coffee industry as Brazil’s first sustainable coffee farm and also its first Rainforest Alliance certified farm.

An obsession with quality, sustainability combined with technology and research, has put Daterra at the forefront of the specialty coffee industry. One of the most reliable and advanced producers int the world, Daterra’s coffees have been used in competition by barista champions around the world.