Kenya PB Kirimara Estate

Region: Nyeri
Farm Name: Various
Altitude: 5600-6000 ft
Process Method: Washed
Varietal: SL-28

8/acidity 7/body 7/character

Tasting Notes:

From the famous Nyeri region near Mt. Kenya, this coffee comes to us via auction. It has a wonderful floral & honey fragrance. It surprised us in the cup with great complexity by displaying plenty of juicy lemon, strawberry notes and hints of peach. Thick and heavy in body with a bright acidity and a sweet buttery finish, the Kirimara is the standout African coffee for us this year.

About the Coffee:

The country of Kenya has long been considered as one of the highest quality producers in the coffee world. Kenyas are defined by their ripe red fruit and their intense “berry” or “blackcurrant” tastes. The best of these coffees undergo a unique auction process before leaving the country. Coffees are cupped lot by lot by tasting experts before arriving in Nairobi’s auctions, where producers will ensure that their strict standards are met.

Traditionally processed in the wet method, the beans are first de-pulped of their fruit and then fermented to clean the remaining mucilage from the parchment. The beans are then washed thoroughly and dried in a method that is unique to Kenya. Coffee still in its parchment is spread evenly on “Kenya beds” which are raised tables stretched with woven mats. This practice allows fresh air to circulate around the beans. While unique to this area, it is a method that is being adopted by farmers around the world seeking to improve the quality of their coffee.