Sulawesi Toraja - Sapan Minanga Grade 1

Region: Torajaland
Farm Name: Various small farms
Altitude: 4500-6500 ft.
Process Method: Semi-washed
Varietal: Catimor, Bourbon

6/Acidity 8/Body 7/Character

Tasting Notes

With mild acidity and a dark chocolate start, this wonderful cup develops an outstanding body, followed by a syrupy finish. One of our favorite Indonesian offerings, Sulawesi is a ‘must have’ for those cold winter mornings.

About the Coffee

The typical Indonesian coffees, Sulawesi coffees have low acidity and a full-bodied earthiness. Similar to Sumatrans but often sweeter and “wilder”, they have a very loyal following.

The island used to be known as “Celebes” so you may still find some coffees referred to as such.