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Sumatra Kokowa Gayo Supreme

Sumatra Kokowa Gayo Supreme - Jaho Coffee Roaster
Sumatra Kokowa Gayo Supreme - Jaho Coffee Roaster
Sumatra Kokowa Gayo Supreme - Jaho Coffee Roaster
Sumatra Kokowa Gayo Supreme - Jaho Coffee Roaster

Tasting Notes: cranberry, baker's chocolate, molasses

cranberrybaker's chocolatemolasses

It takes a lot of cupping to discern a great Sumatra from a decent one and we’re confident we’ve done it here. This coffee is earthy, deep, complex and full bodied. As all great Sumatrans, this one is sweet, spicy and creamy. Cranberry, baker's chocolate and molasses in the cup.

About the Coffee

The coffees of Sumatra capture the essence of the wild jungle of this tropical Indonesian paradise. Sumatran beans are a beautiful deep blue-green color with the appearance of jade.
Small landowners grown their coffee in tiny plots scattered over high terraced plateaus of clay. The coffee grows under full sun exposure without the addition of chemical fertilizers or pest control. The farmers will then remove the skin of the coffee cherries with hand-operated backyard milling machines and ferment the pulp covered beans overnight. They are then hand washed in the morning and dried on clay or canvas in the farmer’s yards.
This is followed by parchment removal and a second drying. The beans will then be hand sorted to remove sticks, stones and visible defects. The Permata is sorted again at the port of Medan before shipping.
The combination of soil, climate and traditional processing methods are what make this one of our favorite origins to cup. We’re never sure what we’ll experience, but it’s always a nice surprise. We’re happy to offer you one of the truly unique coffees in the world.

Technical Data


Pondok Baru microregion


Sumatra wet-hulling


Bourbon, Catimor, Timor hybrid


1800 meters















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