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Fair Trade: Better Coffee and a Better World

Seems not too long ago I was a caffeine hungry college freshman, not caring where my coffee came from or what kind it was, as long as it was dark and kept me up all night. Now after being immersed in the coffee world for a couple of solid years; I pay a lot more attention to what’s in my mug. There is a lot of stuff I still don’t know, and it still blows my mind that a coffee bean is essentially a roasted cherry pit. Let’s just say that the coffee industry is far too multi-faceted for me to get a complete grip on it in just two years. However, there is one thing that will stick with me long after the coffee industry and I bid each other farewell (God forbid!). From now on where ever I go to refuel myself with caffeine, I keep my eyes open for the distinctive Fair Trade Certified logo on café doors, espresso machines and on little stands by the register.
Fair Trade is an organization that promotes the well-being of small farming groups all over the world. By guaranteeing a minimum price for product and providing incentive for them to grow organic products, Fair Trade gives impoverished farmers the option of investing more into their own businesses and communities. Farmers that deal with Fair Trade avoid dealing with a middleman and enjoy the benefits of dealing directly with their buyers.
In their own words, Fair Trade is much more than a fair price; there are several other aspects that make it a good thing to keep an eye out for. Not only does the Fair Trade organization help people around the world by offering fair prices, and promoting community development, it looks out for the environment as well. By having set guidelines about farming methods, Fair Trade ensures that we will be enjoying fair priced, and carefully grown coffee, sugar, rice, chocolate and other great products for many years to come.
So now when you grab a cup of coffee at Jaho, you have a good idea what’s in your mug. I for one am glad to work at a coffee shop that is sure to sell coffee that is Fair Trade.
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-Aubrey Davis

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