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Success & Fair Trade!

Thank you everyone for your support with the new location! It's been just over two months since the new Jaho opened, and the response has been great so far. We've been roasting some really great batches and we're so confident, we are already getting ready to send some coffee samples out to our mentors in Seattle & Tokyo (We'll let you know how they like the coffee.)

Jaho also just became a certified Fair Trade roaster. While we've been using Fair Trade coffees since we opened, we can finally stick the Fair Trade label on our bags. With Fair Trade day coming up on May 9th, we'll be featuring some special Fair Trade coffees on our Syphon Bar & at original Jaho. Visit Transfair USA here and find out how you can help ensure farmers & artisans are getting a fair wage.

Many thanks to our friend Henry for the Jaho panorama featured here. Visit his flickr page for more great pictures of Jaho and his other work.



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