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Iced Hanoi: Coffee Nectar From the Far East

"I don't usually drink sweetened coffee, but when I do, I drink Iced Hanoi."

One of my favorite parts about traveling is trying out the different ways people prepare and drink coffee in different parts of the world. While I usually take my coffee black, one of my favorite coffee beverages is sweet and I first experienced it in South East Asia. Vietnamese Coffee, as it's mostly known here, is a blend of dark roasted coffee and some mixture of condensed and evaporated milk. Each region and each street vendor will have his own recipe but the result is usually delicious.

As you can probably tell from Jaho's menu, a lot of the drinks we discover while traveling make their way into our regular offerings. It took a couple of years and several trips to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam but I was finally able to get the recipe directly from my favorite vendor in Bangkok. Since debuting in 2010, our version of this delicious concoction, the Iced Hanoi, has become our most popular beverage.

It's available year round, but there's no better time to enjoy it than in the summer :)

Stay thirsty my friends :)


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